Air Disinfection Unit

This kind of air disinfection unit is a high-level UV lights which is widely used for indoor space. As the air in buildings often contains potentially health-threatening bacteria and viruses, particularly for people who have impaired immune systems. To reduce the risk of transmission of disease, the air can be disinfected in three ways: dilution, filtration, and purification by ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). Compared with the surface uvc lights, the air disinfection unit can be used in occupancy space.


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Product Description

Product Introduction

Air Disinfection Unit using UV-C is a technology used to reduce airborne pathogens and cross infections. A UV lamp in a specially designed fixture directs UV energy to the upper area of the room. The convective air currents push the pathogens present in the lower area to the upper part. The powerful UV-C rays causes DNA/RNA damage to the pathogens there by inactivating them and creating a sterile Upper-Zone or Deactivation Zone. Pathogen inactivation is exhibited over multiple passes and the microbial load is diluted over a period of time. This is an air cycle, providing continuous air disinfection for the facility of uvc lights. With a truly unique design, GK Air Disinfection Unit allows for safe and effective room air disinfection without emitting any harmful or environmentally unfriendly ozone gas.

Product Specification

Product name: Air Disinfection Unit
Material: Quartz Glass+LED+Aluminum+Plastic
Product size: 163*209*1065mm
Power: 125W
Lamp type: UVC
LED CCT (Color temperature): 3000k    4000k    5000k
LED Lumen: 5200-5500 lumens
Weight without telescopic pole: N.W 11KG    G.W 13.2KG
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
Lifespan: UVC: 1 year     LED: 3 years
Colour: White/Black

Product Details

UVC tube Air Sanitization part
A.The Air Disinfection Unit is with 254nm germicidal UV-C lights, the UV radiation intensity at 1m distance is more than 95µw/cm2
B.The Air Disinfection Unit is with three integrated adjustable-speed fans provide faster air exchange for more efficient sterilization
C.Ventilation on two sides provides maximum airflow & efficiency, compared to wall-mounted, single-vented air purifiers
D.Unlike with exposed UVC, this uvc lights fixture is safe for use around humans
E.For protection, two PIR sensors automatically shut the unit off if motion is detected at the height of the UVC lights
F.Air Disinfection Unit operates on a timer, programmable from 1 to 9 hours
G.And this fixture is with UL listed, verifying that it conforms to UL Safety Standards

Because this air sanitizer is installed overhead, rather than mounted on a wall as many GUV air purifiers are, effective coverage can be created across even the largest indoor open areas, where wall-mounted units can't reach.

LED white lighting part
A.The 60W LED light provides up to 5,500 lumens of illumination (equivalent to a 2x4 fluorescent fixture)
B.Remote-controlled light color and brightness settings
C.Switch between 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white), and 5000K (cool white) light
D.Adjust brightness across 5 levels, from 100% to 20%

Attractive & Easy to Maintain
E.Compact form—just 42 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 6 and a half inches tall
F.Installs overhead with steel suspension wires or hanger rods
G.Power-off memory function, which remembers the settings programmed via the unit's remote control, allows multiple lights to be connected to and operated by a single light switch
H.Built-in digital display shows current light & fan settings
I.Display also indicates if UV bulb needs replacing or the filter needs cleaning
J.Flip-open design makes replacing the two 30W UV lamps quick & simple

Warning & Safety
DANGER: Risk Group 3 UV product.Like any disinfection system, UV-C lamps and devices must be installed and used in the correct way. Direct exposure to UV-C can be dangerous and result in a sunburn-like reaction to the skin and serious damage to the cornea.As UV-C is invisible to the eye, the UV-C upper air device must be installed together with adequate safeguards to ensure that the UV-C upper air device can be operated in a safe way. The UV-C upper air device are only to be used as components in a system that consists of adequate safety safeguards such as, but not limited to, those indicated in the mounting instructions and/or user manuals.Direct exposure to UV-C is dangerous. GK UV-C luminaires systems must only be sold through qualified partners and installed by professionals according to our stringent safety and legal requirements. Our UV-C products are not meant to be used in applications or activities which may cause and/or lead to death, personal injury and/or damage to the environment.

Instructions and Specification

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