Disinfection Uvc Ceiling Light UV Panel Light

GK is one of the large-scale disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light manufacturers and suppliers in China. GK was established in 2006 and has engineered and manufactured ultraviolet air sanitizing systems, UV surface disinfection systems, and germicidal UV lamps for residential, commercial, and industrial Germicidal UV-C Applications. disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light is one of our ultraviolet air sanitizing systems. ultraviolet air sanitizing systems can be installed on the ceilings of public areas, like supermarkets, offices, homes, and schools. disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light produce short wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. The method is unique and rapid and does not utilize heat or chemicals.

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Product Description

Product Introduction

disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light, UV-C upper air continuously treats the air above us.
·Help reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses.
·Help provide comfort, satisfaction, and perception of a more secure environment.
·Help enable continuity of space usage by reducing treatment cycle time
·4 sides/Omnidirectional 150w uvc disinfection machine
·UV-C safety protection: Built-in PIR module on four sides
·Air flow system with fans
·upper air design for Occupied rooms and areas
·99.9% kill harmful bacteria/viruses
·Digital Display to show UVC/FAN/TIMER, etc.
·Remote Control - UVC on/off, timer, Fan setting, etc
·high-intensity UV system to cover wide indoor space
·Replaceable uvc tube

Purification principle of ultraviolet
Destroy the RNA and DNA of bacteria, mites and other microorganisms by using UV radiation with a wavelength of 254nm to make it lose the ability to reproduce and survive, to achieve the purpose of purification.

The results of GK microbiological laboratory tests showed that microorganisms irradiated with more than a certain dose of UV-C ca kill more than 99.9% of them.

Working principle
Four sides are equlpped with special high-energy UV-C lamp tube energy-concentrating radiation layer device, which is installed on the ceiling and forms a radiation layer in the upper room. The centrifugal fan quickly forms air convection to the four sides and winds out, the bacteria and viruses floating in the air will be quickly killed once reach the ultraviolet radiation layer.

Smart sensor design
Built-in PIR module on four sides, the organism exceeds the ultraviolet radiation area, UV-C lamp will stop working, avoid UV-C exposure to hurt people, improve safety performance.

Built-in mirror aluminum
The ultraviolet rays are reflected many times after irradiated on the mirrored aluminum, and the working area is enlarged, the purification time is effectively reduced.

Bacteria are ubiquitous in public places such as shopping malls, hospitals, offices, etc. All-round purification to avoid the spread of bacteria in the air or the surface of objects to purify the air and created a comfortable environment.

Product Specification

disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light
Model GKU20
Power 150W
Input voltage(V) 100-277V
Wave length(nm): 254nm(253.7nm)
Noise at 1m distance (DB): 1level(47.7DB), 2level(50.9DB), 3level(54DB)
Working temperature: 5~40℃
Warranty: 1 year
Installation method : Ceiling, Hoisting
Installation height: ≥2.5m
Reflective material: Aluminum

Product Details

disinfection uvc ceiling light uv panel light
Product size: 595*595*168mm
Carton size (mm) (x0.0393=inch): 730*715*313mm


Instructions and Specification

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