Ultraviolet Led Lamp UV Panel Light

GK is one of large-scale ultraviolet led lamp uv panel light manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have been specialized in lighting for many years. Our ultraviolet led lamp uv panel light is with ceilling installation 254nm UVC Trofferr


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Product Description

Product Introduction

ultraviolet led lamp uv panel light
Ultraviolet sterilization principle: 200-280nm high-energy ultraviolet rays can destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in microbial cells, causing growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death, achieving sterilization and disinfection Effect.
Bacterial structure: DNA + cell membrane
Virus structure: RNA + protein coat

Product Specification

Product name ultraviolet led lamp uv panel light
Power consumption: LED Watt:40W,UVC tube Watt:40W
Input voltage(V) 100-277V
Wave length(nm): 254nm
Installation: ceilling installation
Operation control: IR remote control
Timing setting: 30 minutes/60 minutes/90 minutes/120 minutes / always on
Product Size: L600 x W600 x D58mm

Product Details

The UV control system and the LED are independently controlled separately to ensure the safety of control and use.
If someone breaks into the indoor UVC lamp during operation, the door will automatically turn off the lamp when the door is opened. When used in conjunction with products with module UV lamps, it can form the second safety reinforcement protection, and the module automatically turns off the lamp when it senses people;

Instructions and Specification

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