UV Light Sterilization Operating Room UV Panel Light

As part of the GK UVC light series, GK uv light sterilization operating room UV panel light is designed to be installed on walls for the disinfection of air in a wide range of applications. Four sides of the upper room radiation light design: improve the purification range and efficiency, four sides of the light belongs to the upper room radiation layer, only in the installed 2.1m high position UV-C ultraviolet radiation, Occupied area, so that the upper space is purified while commercial activities continue below.


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Product Description

Product Introduction

1.UV-C safety protection,Built-in PIR module on four sides
2.Air circulation system,Four sids fan outlet design: can quickly form air convection through the fan
3.Environmental health, Environmental protection - shortwave UV radiation peak at 253.7nm, no ozone emissions during or after use
4.LCD display, remote control
5.Easy to replace UV-C tube
6.It can be ceiling mounted or pendant, widely used in offices, medical clinics, retail, food stores, hotels, schools,
banks, toilets and other public places.
7.Certificate: UL, CE, RoHS, FDA,

Product Specification

Model GKU20
Power 150W
Input voltage(V) 100-277V
Wave length(nm): 254nm
Noise at 1m distance (DB): 1level(47.7DB), 2level(50.9DB), 3level(54DB)
Working temperature: 5~40℃
Warranty: 1 year
Installation method : Ceiling, Hoisting

Product Details

Product size: 595*595*168mm
Carton size (mm) (x0.0393=inch): 730*715*313mm

Instructions and Specification

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