UV Sanitizer Machine UV Panel Light

GK is an experienced uv sanitizer machine uv panel light manufacturers and suppliers in China. GK have been specialized in lighting for more than 10years, started uvc area from 2019. GK uv sanitizer machine uv panel light is a UV-C panel disinfection lights and conventional LED light hybrid unit. uv sanitizer machine uv panel light addresses indoor air pollution and disinfection by using ultraviolet-C germicidal lamps, fan, and 2 true HEPA filters. Replace your existing 2x2 panel lights with your uv sanitizer machine uv panel light unit to disinfect the air on command or in customized automated time intervals. You can use the remote control to do the settings. uv sanitizer machine uv panel light helps you to achieve CONTINUOUS air disinfection even in an occupied space, such as offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, and more.


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Product Description

Product Introduction

uv sanitizer machine uv panel light
As we known, the conventional uvc tube is the direct surface disinfection and the direct uvc ray is harmful irritants to the skin, eyes and lungs. However, uv sanitizer machine uv panel light is a indirect disinfection light, or we can call it as an air purifier device or disinfection machine. As it not just can be used for lighting, but the most important function is for uv disinfection. What’s more, it’s with air disinfection.

Product Specification

Product name: uv sanitizer machine uv panel light
Material: Quartz Glass+LED+Aluminum+Plastic
Product size: 595*595*142mm (Europe version)    603*603*142mm (US version)
Power: 135W
Lamp type: UVC
LED CCT (Color temperature): 3000k    4000k    5000k
LED Lumen: 4700LM (5000K)   4800LM (4000K)   4500LM (3000K)
Weight without telescopic pole: NW: 12.5kg   GW: 14.1kg
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
Lifespan: UVC: 1 year     LED: 3 years
Colour: White

Product Details

A.2-in-1 hybrid 254nm UV-C air purifier and conventional light fixture functions for the uv sanitizer machine uv panel light
B.Airflow acceleration system helps to circulate the air and improve disinfection efficiency for the uvc fixture
C.It is with 2 true HEPA filters effectively remove harmful fine particles in the PM2.5 size range from the air
D.Enclosed light inside the unit shields room occupants from exposure to UV
E.The uv sanitizer machine uv panel light is with aluminum reflector to enhance the UV intensity & efficiency of disinfection
F.The indicator light shows when it is time to replace UV-C bulb and filters
G.The uvc germicidal panel light remote operation: Easy to use remote control

Instructions and Specification

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