UVC Air Disinfection

Our UVC Air Disinfection products are popular in the market. GK is a professional UV-C disinfection devices manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have been specialized in lighting for many years. GK hybrid fixture combines energy-efficient LED lighting with powerful Indirect UVC air. UV-C disinfection devices, this all-in-one solution helps create healthy, well-lit spaces. Used it in your offices, classrooms, shops, restaurants, and more. And the overhead installation allows coverage to be accomplished even across large areas, such as warehouses, grocery stores, factory floors, and open-office layouts.


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Product Description

Product Introduction

Our UVC Air Disinfection products are popular in the market.
UV-C disinfection devices using UV-C is a technology used to reduce airborne pathogens and cross infections. A UV lamp in a specially designed fixture directs UV energy to the upper area of the room. The convective air currents push the pathogens present in the lower area to the upper part. The powerful UV-C rays causes DNA/RNA damage to the pathogens there by inactivating them and creating a sterile Upper-Zone or Deactivation Zone. Pathogen inactivation is exhibited over multiple passes and the microbial load is diluted over a period of time. This is an air cycle, providing continuous air disinfection for the facility of UV-C disinfection upper air device. With a truly unique design, GK UV-C disinfection devices allows for safe and effective room air disinfection without emitting any harmful or environmentally unfriendly ozone gas.

Product Specification

Product name: UV-C disinfection devices
Material: Quartz Glass+LED+Aluminum+Plastic
Product size: 163*209*1065mm
Power: 125W
Lamp type: UVC
LED CCT (Color temperature): 3000k    4000k    5000k
LED Lumen: 5200-5500 lumens
Weight without telescopic pole: N.W 11KG    G.W 13.2KG
Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
Lifespan: UVC: 1 year     LED: 3 years
Colour: White/Black

Product Details

A.The UV-C disinfection devices is with 254nm germicidal UV light zaps airborne pathogens, including 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and mold
B.The UV-C disinfection devices is with three integrated adjustable-speed fans provide faster air exchange for more efficient sterilization
C.Ventilation on two sides provides maximum airflow & efficiency, compared to wall-mounted, single-vented air purifiers for the UV-C disinfection upper air device
D.Unlike with exposed UVC, this fixture is safe for use around humans for the UV-C disinfection upper air device
E.For protection, two PIR sensors automatically shut the unit off if motion is detected at the height of the fixture of UV-C disinfection devices
F.UV-C disinfection devices operates on a timer, programmable from 1 to 9 hours
G.And it's UL listed, verifying that it conforms to UL Safety Standard for the UV-C disinfection devices

Instructions and Specification

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