The Upcoming and Indefinable Upper Air Products

GK is developing a total new mini upper air disinfection device with 99.9% disinfection rate, with a release expected on 24th Feb of 2022. The upper air unit is with China & US patent design, no only just for the appearance or structure design, but also for the mini upper air of targeted optical control technology.


It’s well known that airborne transmission of COVID-19 is a leading cause of infection. We believe that ultraviolet light – or UV-C – can serve as a safe and effective disinfectant for indoor environments, and we install the new device in own offices, not just sell the product on the market. As the world opens up and restrictions on indoor gathering ease, UV-C can offer a way forward in providing much-needed protection against the virus.


UV-C air disinfection is more and more popular on the market, as it can solve the problem that UV-C products should be workable for occupied room. We need to consider two main points, which is efficiency and safety when we develop and design a new UV-C product.


This upper air device will look similar down light shape and same down light size which can replace the existing 5” & 6” Down light or use the existing down light hole. It’s a great patent compact design, the UVC is with RG zero standard when the height is under 2.1m and the installation height should be at 2.3m height. It’s the world’s first mini upper air disinfection UVC LED device with centrifugal fan.


GK adopts the newest UV LED technology at 275nm UVC led with a long lifespan of 10,000hours, avoid to replace the traditional UVC quartz tube. It’s a upper air disinfection device for occupied room, which is total UVC led for the Upper air luminaries.


In order to speed up the air flow and improve the disinfection efficiency, GK designed a centrifugal fan inside. And there is a fan speed adjustable switch inside, there are 3 levels for options.


About the installation, there are various for options like ceiling, recessed, hanging etc. And it can be used for many public indoor places like hotel, restaurant, office, school, toilet, kitchen, bank etc.



About the new uvc upper air products, we would like to have a good name to define it. After checking the similar products on the market, we find that there are some top brand call it as UV-C disinfection upper air luminaries, upper air unit, upper air fixture, and upper air device, even upper air equipment. How do you think we call it SUNRAY? The mini round shape like a sun and release the ultraviolet ray to disinfect the bacteria, virus. And it’s an upper air system, the sun is also an upper fixture. If you have any other suggestions, please email to [email protected] to get a free sample before 23rd , Feb. 


In order to help our global valued customers to know the new products better, we will host two new launches for the upper air device at Europe/Asia and US time respectively. It covers the most countries and area on the world. Here is a good chance to get a free sample for trial :

Europe&Asia Live Show: 

24TH, FEB  17:00~17:30 (GMT+8, Beijing Time) 

10:00~10:30 (GMT+1, Germany Time)


US Live Show: 

24TH, FEB  14:00~14:30 (GMT-5, Washington, USA) 

11:00~11:30 (GMT-8, Los Angeles, USA)