Industry News--FAQ part one

Industry News--FAQ part one

1.Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A:We are a pretty professional Chinese manufacturer.

2.Where is your factory located?

A:Our factory is located in Shenzhen, China.

3.How should I choose the UVC purification lights?

A:Usually UVC purification lights are used for indoor and it's harmful for human's eyes and skins if the UVC lights are direct. The most important thing for UVC purification light is safe. Safety UVC purification light means safe design to avoid the direct UVC light hurts humans and animals, at the same time the high UVC efficacy can really purify virus and bacteria in the air.

4.How do get the samples quickly?

A:There is some raw materials inventory of GK UVC purification lights. For samples orders, production work will be completed within 2-3 working days. Then choose the 3-4 days by DHL tracking, so you only need take 1 week to get the samples after order confirmed. You can make the payment by T/T, Western union, PayPal etc.

5.Are you looking for local agency?

A:Yes, anyone would like to be our agency should be qualified with quite company stregth and sales amount. About the detailed cooperation, please leave your message on our website and our sales representative will contact you soon.

6.Do you have sales target finished amount requirement to the distributor?

A:Yes, we have sales amount target for each distributor. Different area is with different requirement. Please leave your message on our website and our sales representative will contact you soon.

7.How can you take the warranty?

A:GK UVC purification lights are with 1 year limited warranty for UVC tube, but the LED part of UVC purification lights are 3 years warranty. During the warranty period we will send the replacement lamp if the current lamp was destroyed, not due to personal mistakes.

8.Do you have warehouse in USA or Europe?

A:At present, we do not have any foreign warehouses.

9.What kind of UVC lights do you have?

A:We concentrate on UVC purification lights, at present we have surface purification lights, air purification lights and UVC
safety system. The surface purification lights can combine with UVC safety system to install for hospitals, offices, schools, supermarkets and other public indoor places.

10.Any important certificates for our markets?

A:Yes, there are some available test reports or certificate, such as SGS test report, irradiance test report, UL/cUL, FCC, TUV,PSE, CE, ROHS, Erp etc.