Industry News--FAQ part two
11. Do you have some suggestions on how to choose a good UVC purification lights vendor?
A: Choosing a reliable UVC purification lights vendor is very important if your company decides to promote these lights. Because usually it's harmful for human's eyes and skins if the UVC lights are direct for some special public indoor places. So please ensure the quality of the light (safety design and function) is very good, otherwise, your company will lose lots of money and get a bad influence for your brand. All in all, you should put "quality first, prices second.”

12. Why GK is better than others?
A: GK is a reliable and experienced manufacturer in lighting with more than 15 years. The company culture and values are generally recognized by peers and customers. All of the products are self-design and produce from the power supply solution design to plastic injections, hardware processing to lights assembly.
Now GK factories with over 21,000 square meters, the faster delivery time with 10000pcs production capability per day, the patents are more than 130 for overseas and domestic. Our strong team: 50 sales representatives, 60 engineers, 32 Q.C. We always seek “Quality-oriented, customer first”

13. Do you have Virtual Reality (VR) system to show your factory?
A: Yes, kindly please check our website page, there is a button there to show all our factories.

14. If OEM is acceptable?
A: Yes, we can provide you OEM and ODM services.

15. Do you have any patents for your products?
A: Yes, we have more than 130 US/Europe/Chinese patents.

16. Can I only buy some spare parts from you?
A: No, the spare parts for UVC devices can't be sold separately. But if you purchase the whole device and need some spare parts, we can provide them for replacements.

17. Will you attend the fair to show your products?
A: Yes, we will attend some professional UVC lights fairs and some professional medical device fairs.

18. Do you provide free spare parts?
A: Yes, it's available to provide you free spare parts based on the order amount.

19. How many staffs do you have in your factory?
A: We have around 500 employees.

20. How many R&D staff in your company?
A: Around 60 employees.