Room Air Treatment Fixtures UV-C Devices Upper Air UV

room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV has the power to treat air and surfaces. GK room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV are for indoor environments, including spaces with no HVAC in place, that need immediate airflow, circulation, and disinfection. Not only are our room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV created to help eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens in the air, they can help reduce pathogens that settle out of the air and onto surfaces. Within 2.1 meters in height, UV=RG0. The occupied area is very safe. GK is one of large-scale room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV manufacturers and suppliers in China. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.


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Product Description

Product Introduction

room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV
Single side UVC upper air purification device
1. China&US patent design
2. Single side upper air disinfection device;
3. <2.1m UV=RG0 design for occupied space
4. Wave target optical control technology for grille on device
5. Ultrathin and less weight design
6. Safety protection design with PIR sensor
7. Easy to install, wall-mounted or hanging
8. Pull-out design, easy to replace the uvc tube
9. Industrial fans accelerate the disinfection time
10. Competitive price

Purification principle:
There is an ultraviolet upper air radiation device inside, which forms a UVC upper layer of the space. The inside fan of the device
causes the indoor air convection effect to remove the fine particles floating in the air. Bacteria and viruses rise to the UV flat radiation layer and use the upper air radiation to purify viruses and bacteria

Most indoor places like Office, Food shops, Hotel, Hospital, School, Bank, Toilet, Etc.

Product Specification

room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV
Model U33-85W-01
Power 85W
Product size(mm) 804mm*140mm*140mm
Input voltage(V): AC 100-277V
Wave length(nm): 253.7nm
Radiation intensity (1m from the UVC tube) (μW/cm²:) 170uw/cm²
Noise at 1m distance (DB): 40DB
Tube type: 75W H type quartz UV-C tube
UV Tube life span: >8000h
Air volume(CFM): 51.53CFM
Working temperature(℃): -5℃~+40℃
Warranty: Whole device: 3 years,UVC tube:1 year

Product Details

room air treatment fixtures UV-C Devices upper air UV
Product features:
(1)Parallel radiation on the upper layer, occupied area:
In the single-sided 180-degree uvc outlet, UVC ultraviolet radiation will only occur at a height of 2.1m of installation the recommended installation height is above 2.3 meters, and below 2.1 meters is a safe area, without any UV rays, safe for occupied space.
(2)Industrial fan improves purification efficiency:
Industrial fan design, front air inlet, and side air outlet speed up the purification speed of space air circulation. The experimental data shows that the fan can improve the purification efficiency under the same power.
(3)Built-in PIR sensor:
*PIR indicator "blue light" is always on after power on.
*PIR indicator flashes every 1s when the PIR detects people, the corresponding fan, and the UVC lamp stop working. After detecting no one within 2 minutes, the light and fan will be turned on automatically. If PIR detects people within two minutes after the light is turned off, the 2-minute countdown needs to be recalculated. When the UVC lamp is turned off or damaged, the PIR indicator "blue light" goes out.
*PIR detection distance≥2m.
(4)Wave type patent targets optical control technology:
To guarantee parallel UVC irradiation in the upper air space for safety, at the same time make the device as small as possible.
(5)Built-in mirror aluminum reflector to improve irradiation efficiency:
The built-in mirror aluminum diffuse reflection design reflects the ultraviolet light on the back to the irradiation area, which greatly improves the radiation intensity of ultraviolet light.
(6)Pull-out design, easy to replace the tube:
After removing the fan screw on one end of the power cord, the lamp and power module can be pulled out as a whole, which is convenient for lamp replacement and maintenance.


Instructions and Specification

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